Vario One

New release 1.14 | Vario One records GPX track from flight (Watch alone or iPhone)

Vario One has just received an update and now allows you to export GPX files. With the Vario One app for your Apple Watch, you can go flying without your iPhone, have a full vario including beeps, and record your flight data. The GPX track is then automatically displayed in your Vario One app digital flight log on your iPhone for downloading and sharing.
Of course, the same goes with the Vario One iPhone app ūüôā
The new update enables exporting GPX files for easy transfer of flight data to other devices or platforms. GPX files are a standard format for GPS tracks supported by many devices and platforms. By exporting GPX files, you can visualize and analyze your flight data in other iPhone or desktop applications such as Google Earth. The new feature also provides the ability to share flight data with other paragliders or friends and family.
In the next step, we'll build a fancy map overview where you can view your flight directly on the map on your iPhone.
Have fun analyzing your flights!