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Apple Watch Ultra Paragliding

Paragliding with Apple Watch Ultra

Does the Apple Watch Ultra also work for paragliding?

I get asked this question more often. So I grabbed my paraglider, installed the Vario One app on my Apple Watch Ultra and headed for Bassano. 23.March 2023, 12 o'clock: I stand at the launch site Stella and finally launched out. The thermals are carrying very well. Yes, super conditions for an extensive test flight with my Apple Watch Ultra and the Vario One app.

The air pressure sensors of the Apple Watch Ultra react very precisely - as expected - and I can center the thermals well with the beeping. After a full circle, the wind speed and direction is displayed as an arrow: 6km/h WSW. Super! Less wind also means less turbulence. And that is a great thing for the thermal strength in spring.

My conclusion after 2 hours of paragliding with the Apple Watch Ultra:

After a wonderful 2 hour flight, I conclude that the watch is perfect for paragliding. Do you want to know why?

  • Largest display compared to all Apple Watches, which is easily visible even in sunlight
  • Double the battery capacity for super long time in the air (whereas the regular Apple Watches already last for hours)
  • Vario One can be used on the Apple Watch WITHOUT iPhone as a standalone app.
  • The beeping in the air allows you to center the thermal without looking at the display
  • The integrated wind indicator helped me to know from where the wind comes and how strong it is

What did I miss? I would have liked to look at the GPS track again after landing to see where I flew from. Currently, the watch already records the most important values, such as maximum altitude, wind speed and times. These are automatically sent to the digital flight log.

Flight recording (GPS Track) with the Apple Watch as of April 2023

Since I believe that I am not the only one who would like to have a flight log, we plan to provide the GPS track already in April 2023. We will first develop an export from the flight log and in the next step a display where the track is shown on a map incl. statistics.

Vario App 'Vario One' 3 days free trial

If you prefer to see for yourself, you can easily pull the app from the App Store. Then you can immediately test it for 3 days for free. If the app does not convince you, you only need to delete the app within 3 days (hold your finger on the app and confirm delete). After that you will be asked if you want to delete the app only or if you want to cancel the subscription as well. If you say "delete app and cancel subscription", then you have tested everything without any obligation ūüôā

Have fun trying it out: Click here for the Vario One App in the Apple App Store