Vario One

New Release 1.15 | Vario One displays GPX track on map

The latest version of our paragliding app "Vario One" now allows you to view your flight on a map. No matter if you made your flight with the Apple Watch or the iPhone! Both devices allow you to independently record the GPS track and save it fully automated in your electronic flight log. This cool feature gives you a new perspective to analyze your flights and share them with others as a GPX track.

And what do I do when I trade in the iPhone or Apple Watch?

Just keep going? With 2 clicks, your new iPhone or Apple Watch logs into the system and takes over all flights!

Of course, this is just the preparation for the map function that we will introduce in 3 weeks. However, we thought we'd let you participate in the development early on.

Wonderful flights wish you Tino from Vario One