Vario One

New release 3.0 | New design for the cockpit

After extensive testing, we have released the biggest update of VARIO ONE to date. There is a large package of various new functions. In short:

  • Even more precise detection of rise and fall: We now use a combination of sensors so that you can detect climbs and thermals even faster. A unique algorithm combines the values from different sensors. For iPhone and Apple Watch!
  • One Automatic take-off and landing detectionto increase your comfort and keep your focus on the important points at the start.
  • The FAI has our app accepted 🥳 Igc files are now signed and can be automatically validated in the major portals where flights are uploaded. We have received the code XVI from the FAI (X Vario One)
  • A new design, where you can see the icons better in the sun. Clear contours, icons that form a perfect contrast to the black background and blue icons for the white background.

We hope you continue to enjoy flying and look forward to seeing what we bring out for you next 😊