Vario One

New Release 1.12 | Vario One Watch App saves flights to flightlog

Today the new Vario One release for the iPhone and the Apple Watch was unlocked in the App Store. And technically speaking, it could have been a 2.0 instead of the 1.12 already ūüôā But let's start at the beginning. What can you do new now? Until now, it was only possible to track and save your flights with the iPhone app. By popular demand, we've now made it possible for your flights to be recorded and saved to the same flight log using the Vario One Watch app as well. Of course, you still don't need to have your iPhone with you.  

The good thing up front is that it takes less than 2 minutes to set up!

You can reach the small new button next to "Synchronize flight log" by swiping from right to left on the clock in Vario mode. You will then be asked whether your e-mail address can be used for identification. If necessary, you have to confirm this briefly with your password. After that, Vario One on your Apple Watch will know from now on that it saves flights in the same digital flight log as your iPhone does. Just select the same email address here so that all your devices save to the same flight log.

But what do you do when you buy a new iPhone or e.g. the Apple Watch Ultra for paragliding buy?

No problem: download the Vario app on the new device, flip the switch and all the Flights become synchronized. 

What's next?

The extension looks mini. Technically, however, it was a challenge, because we have introduced a real small database on the clock, for example, with which the flights are now stored. This provides stability and good extensibility. We now have a good basis to add a special feature to the flight log in the next version. Stay tuned to see what will be ūüôā